The Billings Petroleum Club
Questions and Answers

Who can belong to the club?
Anyone can apply for membership.  The club was founded by members of the Petroleum industry almost 50 years ago and they still make up about 25% of the membership.  Applications are submitted to the board of directors for approval.

How are the Main Dining Room and the Petroleum Bar & Grill Different?
In the Main Dining Room, relax and enjoy the finest dining experience in Billings with tableside cooking, an Intermezzo to cleanse the palate and exceptional service.  The focus is more toward providing faster service in The Petroleum Bar & Grill, with selections for children in a more casual setting.  Many of your favorites can be found on both menus.

Are Reservations Required?
Reservations do allow our manager to plan ahead to best respond to your needs, and although they are not required, they are greatly appreciated.  Whether you have reservations or not, the staff will strive to respond to your needs if there is space available and they are not preparing to close. 

What is the dress code?
The club offers a fine dining experience and appropriate attire is appreciated.  The atmosphere is more casual in the Petroleum Bar & Grill, and while jackets are no longer required in the Main Dining Room, they are preferred and you should expect to see them on many of our members.

What is the smoking policy?
Smoking is only allowed in the area in front of the bar between the times when meals are being served.  If you wish to smoke after lunch, please ask to be seated in this area.  While meals are being served, the manager can direct members to a separate area where smoking is permitted. 

Is there a monthly or quarterly minimum food charge?
There is a minimum food & drink charge of $90 per quarter.  This minimum can be easily met by dining at the club once every other month.  Also, food expenses related to the use of the meeting rooms can be applied to the minimum for the primary member under which the event is booked.

Do Associate Members have to pay dues?
Yes, an Associate Member is an employee of, or member of a partnership with, a Company Member.  There are up to four Associate Members for each Company Membership and each pays monthly dues of $40/month and each is subject to the $90/quarter minimum food charge. 

What rooms are available for private meetings and parties?
Private rooms are available to members for Banquets, club meetings or private parties free of charge with a food and overhead minimum.  The President's Board Room holds up to 16, the SE Dining Room holds up to 80 and there is other space for groups of 20 or 40.  Other options are possible and you should call 252-6702 and talk to the manager for more information.

What is a Club Sponsor?
A new program invites companies & individuals to pay at least $1,000/yr to be Club Sponsors.  Membership is not included, but Club Sponsors are listed in the newsletter, on the web page, recognized with a plaque and each will receive 10 Guest Vouchers that will give a nonmember a one-time use of the club without payment of dues.

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